Are we the Cheapest?

Although are prices are highly competitive, we may not always be the cheapest as we put a huge emphasis on quality, punctuality and overall service. Our aim is to deliver the best possible value to you so you can rest assured that booking with us will give you total peace of mind.

Why should I use a Professional Oven Cleaning Company?

When cleaning ovens we aim to renew the oven to its best possible condition bearing in mind its age. We clean outside and also inside the glass door if possible. We do not just clean the parts that are immediately visible, we also clean the roof of the oven, above any elements. We clean behind the back panel where the fan is located. We clean behind self cleaning liners if your oven has them. Not all oven cleaning companies clean ovens as thoroughly as we do, and no ‘proprietary' (off the shelf) cleaners can achieve the same results..

Are there any requirements?

We will need to park reasonably close to your house as the technician will need to visit the van fairly frequently. Once inside your home we will need a suitable amount of floor space to lay a dust sheet. We carry all the cleaning products we need but we will need to use your hot water tap and the sink area to refill our containers to rinse any appliances that we clean

How long will the cleaning take?

Many factors such as the size of the oven, levels of soiling etc will effect the cleaning time. The time varies from 1-2 hours for a standard single or double oven. Ranges and AGA's will take longer.

How soon can I use my oven after the clean>

As we do not use harmful chemicals the oven can be used immediately.

How can I pay?

We accept cash or cheque. Payment is taken on the day by the cleaning technician once the job is completed to your complete satisfaction. If you are a regular customer then we can invoice you.

How often should I have my oven cleaned?

We recommend that you have your oven cleaned at least every 6 to 12 months. However it does depend on how often the oven is used and what types of food you cook.

What training does each cleaner have?

Our teams go through a 2 week intensive course designed to meet our exacting standards. You can therefore be assured that all oven cleaning and valeting work undertaken will be of the highest quality and performed by a fully trained specialist.

Can the Oven Cleaning Company clean 'self-cleaning' ovens?

Yes indeed as our products are designed to cope with all oven types. Many ovens have self-clean interiors and/or liners. These coatings are designed to burn off debris but many of these ovens do not reach a high enough temperature to produce the required result. Many liners therefore ‘hide' the grease and fat behind them that can be a cause of fire. Your oven cleaning technician will clean behind these items for you and therefore remove the potential fire risk especially around the main heating element.

Are Oven Cleaning Technicians fully insured?

Yes. All our technicians carry full insurance cover. This cover extends beyond 3rd party and public liability. The items that we are cleaning and valeting are also covered for your total peace of mind.

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